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kolagen naturalny platinumKnowing your skin type is essential to understanding how you should care for it.

With many different types of skin, it is important to know what you are dealing with as the skin is your body's largest organ and needs to be take care of so that it - and you - remain healthy.
General Types of Skin
The skin usually falls into one of the major skin types that are listed as light, fair, medium, olive, brown and black. The melanin in our skin is what the body uses as a defense against UV rays that are those ultraviolet rays from the sun that can cause so much damage to the skin. People with darker skin have more melanin than those with lighter skin making them more susceptible to sunburn and damage to the skin. It is therefore extremely important for those people especially to keep their skin protected from the sun's rays, but everyone needs to keep their skin protected and healthy.

It is easy to know what type of skin you have in terms of color but as to texture - that is a different story but everyone generally falls into four different categories that are normal, dry, combination and oily. It's also easy to know that oily skin will have a shiny slick texture and dry skin can be rough and flaky and dry to the touch.

Those with combination skin is a bit trickier as they often have oily skin on the forehead, chin and nose and dry or normal skin on their cheeks making it harder to treat or care for because of the different types that you have to deal with.
Skin Types and Treatments
Knowing your skin type is important to be able to determine the types of products that you should use on your skin. You might have medium skin that is also dry so that means you will need to use products that will keep your skin hydrated. Other people might have fair skin that is very sensitive so they need products that will not irritate their skin as well as products that protect the skin from exposure to the sun. This includes cleansers, creams or any types of treatments that are required for skin care or to treat a skin condition. Oily skin needs something to keep their excess oil production under control to balance the skin so it is hydrated but not too oily.

The problem is that many people are very unclear about what types of products they should use for their type of skin. They then purchase cosmetics and other creams that might irritate the skin unknowingly and then try to treat the skin with something that possibly irritates it further.
If your skin tends to be more sensitive or more acne prone, it is important to see a dermatologist and determine what to use.

Keeping Your Skin Healthy is Important
Your skin is like any other part of the body - you need to nurture it so that it stays healthy and looks it best. It needs to be properly cleansed and toned. If you start using the wrong types of cleansers for your skin you can damage it so that it is difficult to remedy.
Also your skin can change as you age or if kwas na oczy you experience outbreaks of eczema, acne or Rosacea. Hormonal periods like the teenage years and menopause can cause the skin to change as well so sometimes it is difficult to keep using the same products because your skin has changed or a medical condition has caused the skin to change.

Many medicines say on the label that the product will dry your skin or could cause blemishes or rashes.
A Dermatologist Can Help If you experience changes in your skin's condition or if you are unsure of what type of skin you have or what products to use to treat a medical condition, acne or other skin problem, then you should consult with a dermatologist or a skin care specialist.

You should also consult one if the products or cosmetics you are using are causing irritation to the skin.

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